Hair Treatments

Luxurious Professional Hair Treatments

Orchid Treatment: Inspired by the way an orchid holds and protects its colour, this treatment contains a unique UV Complex to moisturize and protect the depth, tone and shine of the hair.

Thirst Quencher: Unique aloe and passion fruit formula to re-hydrate, restore softness and relieve dry and stressed hair.

Detox Treatment: Ceramide infused treatment to help strengthen the hair from within. Perfect for over processed, chemically treated and brittle hair.

Instant keratin treatment: This brand new service is applied to the hair at the backwash after shampooing. Containing shea butter, collagen and cysteine and proteins, this ten-minute service rejuvenates the hair and lasts for 2 weeks. This is a great way to try the effects of the full keratin blow-dry on a more temporary basis.

Hair Treatments

Protein (Repair)From £20
Moisture (For Dry Hair)From £20
Shine / Gloss (Add Shine)From £30
Masque (With Hot Towel Wrap)From £15
Bondultim8 (Protects Hair)From £25
Instant KeratinFrom £50